Cadenza as a musical term refers to an improvised, elaborate passage in a written musical piece. For healthcare, Cadenza is an opportunity to refine, optimize, and modernize a slowly changing system.


Every day, light bulbs go off in the heads of doctors, dentists, nurses, and scientists. A great idea comes to mind – “If only I could…” – and then pragmatism sets in, and the idea joins an ever-growing list in some white coat pocket. Some of these ideas make it to device companies or academic innovation systems, where they are bought below market potential, or commercialized with little input from and little profit for the inventor.

Cadenza offers another option: an open dialogue with our engineers and other relevant specialists to discuss an idea, research its potential, and see it through prototyping.  Cadenza offers the inventor a true partnership in which they can see their idea blossom into a medical device or piece of software.